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By Jonathan Mosher, A & D Pool / jonathan@adpool.today

Joining the FSPA two years ago was one of the best decisions I’ve made since coming to Florida.  I moved down to Florida from Ohio where I also worked in the pool industry. After working in this industry in both states for some time, I’ve realized something; the resources we have at our fingertips here in Florida are incredible. It’s amazing to see how active this industry is and even more fulfilling to be a part of its direction.

Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to these bodies of water. This ever-changing industry is often times difficult to keep up with. I am constantly updating my employees on what to be looking for in terms of violations and code changes. Whether it be repairing a faulty flow meter or replacing the tile in a pool with nonskid, we aim to guarantee that all the new requirements are met. As the contractor of these locations it is our responsibility to ensure that we are providing just that and following state codes.

The best way that we can be keeping everyone safe is by making sure we are all on the same page. I had a great talk with our local Health Department a few weeks ago. During that discussion they expressed interest in wanting to be a part of our local chapter meetings and by sending a representative so we can discuss, teach, and learn each other’s guidelines and perspectives. I believe this is critical for our industry to ensure that we are keeping our pool patrons safe and to display that we are an active organization willing to listen and willing to guide.

We must also continue to grow the pool industry with input from other organizations to provide cohesion and make us a stronger, well respected industry. I believe that the FSPA is the front runner in this industry. We have a duty to impact other organizations, specifically in the vast construction industry that is leading us into the future by pushing us architecturally. There must be a continuation of our reach outside of just this organization to the others out there who we can impact and make our presence known. When we connect to other organizations we will gain perspective and knowledge that we can use to broaden our discussion at our state Board meetings.

The FSPA has been a center point of knowledge and education for me. When I need an answer that is where I turn, whether it be to a colleague, one of the great staff members or one of the contracted legislative liaisons. To be involved in the process, growth, and direction of the Florida pool industry gives me a direct advantage to know where this industry is headed and I’m hopeful to be involved in how it gets there. I want to encourage every member to know this organization is achieving great accomplishments and to challenge them to continue to make that its focus. Thank you for all you do.

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